EPG is a member of the NAPIT as an Approved Contractor with many years experience in carrying out all electrical work. They use all the latest testing equipment that is fully calibrated and up-to-date. All of their work is fully insured and guaranteed. Most of their work comes from recommendations. They are committed to providing quality care. They take pride in protecting your property and you only pay when you are totally happy with the service provided. They offer a “no fix no fee” on all repairs so you can rest assured if they cannot fix your problem you will not be charged. They offer a complete package and reassurance of our quality workmanship from design stage through to the testing of the completed works.

Services covered:-

  • New Installations / full and partial re-wires
  • Lighting Installations, new kitchen socket, ring circuit, re-wire
  • Replacement consumer units/fuse boards / fault finding and repair
  • Updating all earthing and bonding
  • Electric Heating, Electric showers
  • Periodic Testing & Inspecting
  • Electrical Installation Condition reports (formerly known as Periodic Inspection reports or Landlord’s reports)
  • Minor Electrical Installation Works Certificate
  • Electrical Installation Certificate (for all new works or alterations or additions)
  • Heating wiring (room thermostats, motorised valves, cylinder stats, pumps, boilers)
  • Under floor heating

EPG take electricity very seriously. Cables run inside the walls. Fuse boxes can be hidden away. It’s easy to forget your electrical system needs checking at least every ten years.

Cables, switches, socket outlets and other accessories deteriorate with use and misuse, and require regular checks.

So if your last rewire was in 2000 or earlier you probably need one. Electrical technology has changed a lot in the past decade, as have electrical regulations.

A huge number of UK homes still have old electrical wiring. It’s unsafe, it could be a fire hazard and may mean higher electricity bills too. And if you’re thinking about selling it could affect the value of your home or office and will be flagged in the building survey.

Can I get a rewire? Vintage mix

If you can see any wiring or fixtures listed in this section your electrics haven’t been changed for years. You need to act NOW.

Black rubber cables: black cables going into your consumer unit were phased out in the 60s. They’re insulated with rubber (which rots) and could cause regular trips and lots of inconvenience for you. Swap them for modern and safe, grey or white PVC insulation today.

Lead or fabric-coated cables are museum pieces and should be changed. 

Other ancient electrical accessories include:

  • Fuse boxes with a wooden back
  • Cast iron switches
  • Haphazard mix of circuit boxes
  • Round pin sockets or round light switches
  • Braided flex hanging from ceiling roses to light fittings
  • Black switches
  • Sockets mounted in skirting boards
  • Wall-mounted light switches in bathrooms

If you have any of these ‘vintage electrics’ they’re decades old. Don’t call the V&A for a valuation. Get in touch with EPG instead who will give you a free quote.

Can I get a rewire? 80s mix

Here’s a more general checklist which works even for older electrical systems. If you answer ‘yes’ to one or more of these questions you may need a rewire. Here’s your starter for 10…

  • A consumer unit with replaceable fuse wires?
  • An old fuse board? (If you have one like this, your wiring could be dangerous and doesn’t meet current regulations).
  • Sockets or plugs that heat up fast or have burn marks?
  • Fuses that regularly trip?
  • Plug adapters or extensions?
  • Old, twisted flex on your lights?
  • Rubber-coated flexing?
  • Earth cables in your lighting and are they connected?
  • Earth cables on your gas meter and water stop tap?
  • Old TRS Wiring This cabling is very dangerous as it has no earth Check for TRS cabling in your loft or ask EPG to check it for you.
  • Old Switchgear is a dead giveaway that the electrical installation may be in need of a rewire.
    If you’ve got any of these electrical items or issues in your home or office let us know asap.

Need a rewire? You can do no better than EPG as they are NICEIC registered electricians

You’ve done all those visual checks and you think you need a rewire. Before you take on an electrician always make sure they are NICEIC registered, for lots of good reasons:

  • The company deals with all the new rules for you
  • The company is qualified to carry out electrical work to BS 7671, the national safety standard
  • You get a certificate to confirm their work follows the new rules
  • You do not have to pay Building Control charge.
  • You have access to a formal complaints procedure if you aren’t happy with the work

Obviously EPG is NICEIC registered because we want to give all our customers an up-to-date service and peace of mind. Nice, aren’t we?

I’m an old fuse box…

Here’s an Old School fuse box or consumer unit. Each fuse has two coloured dots to indicate different amps. A problem appliance will break your fuse wire and you’ll need to remove the fuse and replace the fuse wire. What a pain.

If you have this type of fuse box you don’t automatically need a rewire, but you aren’t meeting current electrical regulations. If you’re experiencing power cuts regularly with an old fuse box it’s definitely time to upgrade.

Grey cables with an old fuse box mean your property has been rewired. You could get away with an upgrade fuseboard, but this will depend on other factors as regulations have changed a lot in the past decade.

Bottom line, any estate agent or mortgage surveyor will say the property needs rewiring and this will maximise the potential value of your property.

…I’m a new fuse box

New consumer unit are white plastic with ‘circuit breakers’ and an RCD (residual current device) – a safety mechanism that protects lives & every room (your home) in case your system develops a fault.

Current regulations state all circuits should be RCD-protected. With an old fuse box you don’t have this protection.

There are other signs your property needs a rewire such as sockets fitted to the front of your skirting board (like below). The new regulations state sockets must be 35cm above the flooring.

If you’re struggling to work out if your home needs a rewire, seek the advice of professional electricians like EPG who will be happy to give you a free no-obligation quotation.

Call us now for electricians or domestic/commercial gas engineers in Surrey or London on 0800 999 2955 or 07540 978 563